Aini is a dancer from her childhood. She used to attend classes of  scenical dance and in the age of eight she already performed in the South Bohemia Theater in the musical All you need is love.

In 2001 she started with the belly-dancing. First she participated in Zerira’s classes in the Intessar studio – the first based belly-dancing school in the South Bohemia. Not very long after that, she started to study the dance by Intessar (Elena Roessler – the founder of the studio Intessar) herself. „I had a big fortune with my choice of the dancing school. Because of meeting Elena, I have learned not only the technique, but also the history of the dance. Since that I have knowledge about the Oriental rhytms and styles, about different folklores and differnt modern forms. I appreaciate it very much. “

In 2004 Aini participated in long-term intesive courses for belly-dance classes leading and she has gained an international certificate for belly-dance teaching. Since that she teaches regular classes in Prague (Studio Pure nowadays) and Ceske Budejovice (Studio Intessar) and private lessons  or group workshops for dancers, master dancers and belly-dance teachers.

She performs in the whole Czech Republic and abroad, specially in Germany. She is a solo-dancer in tara dance group of Dutch artist Shahrazad. She constantly improves her skills at classes of world-known master teachers.


  • Intessar (Germany)
  • Sahrazad (Netherlands)
  • Sadie (USA)
  • Magdy El-Leisy (Egypt)
  • Momo Kadous (Egypt)
  • Hassan Khalil (Egypt)
  • Jillina (USA)
  • Keashi Chai (China)
  • Heater Aued (USA)
  • Elizabeth Strong (USA)
  • Gamila (Germany)
  • Eglal (Czech Republic)
  • Latifah (Czech Republic)
  • Alba Hayal (Spain)
  • Shahla (UK)
  • Sharka (Czech Republic)
  • Zerira (Czech Republic)
  • Eftimie Anesti (Greek)


  • Mira Cipera (Czech Republic)
  • GAMAR Drummers (Czech Republic)
  • Ibrahim Abu Hassan (Jordan)